Children’s fashion for ceremonies 2022

2022 was an important break in this social life, also in celebrations. Many weddings, baptisms and communions have had to be celebrated in the most absolute privacy or not celebrated at all. But now it seems that things have changed and that we can once again fill our closets with dresses and ceremonial suits. Also the children; and it is that this year we have taken it with desire. Now, what will be the trends for children’s fashion this season of weddings, baptisms and communions? We advance some ideas such as the fabrics that are worn, the color ranges and the cuts of dresses and suits.

environmentally friendly fabrics
If there is a trend that deserves to be pointed out, even before the cuts of the dresses or the key pieces, it is the fabric; and it is that this season garments made with warm, light and completely respectful fabrics with the environment are worn. We don’t think it’s a bad idea, because this type of fabric, in addition to taking care of the planet, is also much more suitable for the delicate skin of our children.

color range
As for the chromatic range and the decorative motifs of the fabrics, models with colors such as sky blue, aquamarine, dusty pink or the mythical cream are sought. These colors are seen in floral prints, in geometric prints or also in plain colors.

Be careful, in the fashion of older children, bright colors are also a trend. Cheerful colors that fill your cabinets with life.

Always remember that the colors are extensible to the entire look. Therefore, we will have no problem finding accessories with these shades, for example if we want to buy short pink socks for girls

The little ones in the house
The smallest of the house can enjoy a fashion made for them. Girls’ special occasion dresses are worn knee length or even a little above. As for the silhouette of the dress, we find trends that remind us of those of mommies, such as skater dresses.

Transparencies and lace are also worn in specific parts such as the arms. Beautiful combinations with light and vaporous fabrics. As always, try to buy the right accessories, from hair bows, flower crowns, bucket bags or ribbed socks for girls .

For children there are surprises; and it is that this year it leaves the typical blacks, grays and blues to try other shades such as green. Comfortable cuts with a certain informal air that brings out the most irreverent part of our little ones.

older children
Older children also have their own tendencies. They are going to wear light pants and t-shirts with large inscriptions, absolute fashion, or plain shirts. A look with a certain freshness that is complemented by belts and a rolled-up jacket.

As for the girls, the basic is the dress. Yes, it is also possible to find trouser and jacket sets, but the dresses are a trend, also in very striking and fun colours. Combine with more delicate sandals with bright touches full of glamour.

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