Men’s trousers, here are the trends of the moment

Winter hardly ever pleases anyone but like everything there is always the positive side to look at. Among these is shopping, because everyone always likes to renew a little wardrobe . But the question is always the same at every change of season: what are the trends of the moment ?

The menswear season dictates very precise rules defining in a decisive way what will be the trends of next winter in terms of clothing. On the one hand, classicism from the point of view of color and shape, on the other, new influences and inspirations for always new and avant-garde garments in every corner of the wardrobe. A mix to follow from head to toe, including men’s trousers.

The Boggi men’s trousers for the autumn winter 2020-2022 season range from modern to classic, combining aesthetic needs with comfort, always essential, quality and attention to detail. The common denominator is the wearability that is never lacking in all the models of the new collection of the men’s clothing brand, from classic to casual trousers.

For this winter one of the great must-haves is green , the dark one but also the military one, which comes back in an overwhelming way from the past and conquers once again with its particularity. In his online shop Boggi uses it in stretch cotton corduroy trousers . A classic model revisited with the color of the moment to wear with winter sneakers and the polo shirt inserted in the trousers.

On the contrary, as a true evergreen of the male wardrobe, there is also gray , in different shades. Medium gray is the color of the stretch flannel trousers for a garment that dresses with grace and particularity. Ideal to wear in a total gray with a shirt of the same nuance, embellishing everything with brown moccasins and a natural jacket. Impeccable dress code for great occasions.

The model in stretch nylon , on the other hand, is in the anthracite version. It is one of the garments of the new B-Tech collection that the brand has specially designed for men looking for dynamism, comfort and trend, characterized by cutting-edge fabrics and fibers. These are high- performance garments that guarantee performance never seen before: freedom of movement, elasticity, breathability in every situation without giving up quick drying, easy ironing, stain resistance and moisture absorption on the inside. All with sober but classy lines in perfect Boggi style.

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