4 Types Of Men Shoes For Your Everyday Needs

Oh. Mah. Gawd… Shoes. Is it true that I just said that out loud? The secret has been revealed. Who says lovely shoes are exclusively enjoyed by women? There is nothing like slipping on a new pair of shoes to make you happy. None. You didn’t even have onion rings in your fries.

So, how do the things that make you slip on your feet provide you such joy? Comfort? Cost? Cosmetics? Contrary to popular belief, most shoes in the modern market lose comfort as the price tag climbs. Designer shoes with paper-thin padding and minimal structure can cost upwards of $5000.

On the hunt for your Cinderella shoes, the world becomes your oyster when they’re dipped in gold, encrusted in crystals, or dusted with diamond dust. Glitzy footwear, on the other hand, is not for everyone. For most “Everyday Joes,” our dress shoes for work and sneakers for everyday comfort are suitable. The high pricing of designer shoes are justified by the luxury element of the footwear, which is achieved through the use of high-quality materials.

Every great undertaking starts with the feet. On his shoulders, a man can carry the world, but his shoes carry him. That is why choosing the right pair of shoes is critical. Most of these shoes have a practical background that is vital to their individual designs. Now it’s time to tell a story.

Let’s go get some footwear.


Oxfords are the nicest shoes a man can wear and are the epitome of footwear nobility. The shoes, which originated in Scotland and Ireland, acquired popularity at Oxford University when dissident students substituted them for knee-high and ankle-high boots.

Oxfords are the most formal shoe you can own, and they should only be worn with dress pants. Because of their versatility, black and brown are the most popular colours. As long as you wear black socks, black can be worn with any colour suit. Brown shoes can be worn with any colour sock, but they CANNOT be worn with a black suit under any circumstances. The colour contrast between the outfit and the shoes would destroy humanity for years.

With all of these rules, you’d think Oxfords would be the Debbie Downers of footwear. The opposite could not be further from the truth. You just have to know what you’re doing, as with any set of rules. When should you observe the rules and when should you break them?

Let’s start with the types. There are numerous shoes inspired by Oxford beginnings, including cap-toe, buck, and wingtip versions.


Officially known as Oxfords with Brogue trimming, or formal shoes with attitude, as I affectionately refer to them. When Irishmen used them to cross marshes and bogs, the holes were originally included to let water out. We don’t recommend going scuba diving in these, but you can wear them as an alternative to the traditional Oxford or to spruce up your casual style a little.

The signature ornamentation on the shoe’s cap comprises a pointed toe with extensions flowing up the midsole, evoking the image of a bird with outstretched wings, thus the name. You’ll be soaring in these sneakers in no time since they’re stylish, fun, and bold.

Oxford Wingtips in Suede

A pair of suede Oxford wingtips screams “Hollywood.” The suede and wingtip design both dress down the shoes while while increasing their comfort and swagger. If you want to draw attention to your shoes, wear them without socks because the open pores in the suede make them more breathable. The delicate nature of suede, on the other hand, necessitates periodic cleaning and upkeep after each use.


Loafers are simply a dressier boat shoe, straddling the line between casual and formal. Its slip-on functionality and stylistic adaptability make it an instant favourite with both businessmen and partygoers. The ease with which it slips on matches its comfort, appearance, and adaptability, solidifying it as a mainstay in every man’s shoe closet. They can be worn without socks, but if you want to wear them with socks, choose any colour other than black. Simply try it and you’ll see why.

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