How To Styles Wide-Pants According To Fashion Stylists

It’s time to learn how to style wide-leg pants, whether you’re excited about the return of loose trousers, flared jeans, and baggy cargo patterns. The current trend toward roomier pants is just growing in popularity, and given that these styles have been in and out of favour for decades, even if they’re only here for a short time, they’ll be back in full force sooner or later.

According to renowned fashion stylist and host of the Fashion Crimes Podcast Holly Katz, the trend of wide-leg pants dates back to the 1920s, when women wore them as resortwear (or “beach pyjamas”) during vacations. They resurfaced in the 1960s during the Age of Aquarius, with patterned trousers and denim variations, and in the 1990s grunge period, which is still important now, she says.

Given the cyclical nature of fashion, you might start by looking back in time when considering how to wear wide-leg pants. However, there are numerous ways to update the style. The silhouette has dominated runways for a few seasons now (see The Row, MaxMara, and Altuzarra, to name a few) and is catching on with celebrities and influencers alike (see The Row, MaxMara, and Altuzarra, to name a few).

However, despite the abundance of ideas, styling wide-leg pants can be scary. One of the biggest misconceptions about the silhouette is that it will make you look bigger, no matter how attractive it is on a range of body forms. “Styling these pants requires a level of understanding your own shape, as well as where you want to play with volume,” explains Rebecca Rowe, designer at Rebecca Rowe: Capsule Creator.

“To make the length work, wide-leg trousers also require a lot of tailoring,” Rowe adds. Katz agrees that good modifications are necessary to ensure that the pants look professional and elegant. She recommends hemming wide-leg pants at the back of your heel in the centre so you can wear them with both flats and heels. They should also be well fitting through the waist and hips.

Wide-leg pants are highly flattering, adaptable, and comfy when done right. Are you ready to follow the trend? Here, stylists offer their finest advice on how to wear wide-leg pants in the next seasons.

Wide-Leg Pants: How to Wear Them

Wear with a cropped or form-fitting top.

The easiest way to pull off the style, according to Rowe, is to balance the loose character of the pants with a more structured or form-fitting top. “The goal is to let your body shape shine through the volume,” she explains. “You want your outfit to look put-together, so if you wouldn’t wear both pieces to the same party, they probably don’t work together.”

Add a cropped sweater or a shorter jacket to complete the look.

This design works well with a high-waist, wide-leg trouser, according to Katz. “The higher rise of the pant and the shorter sweater will attract attention to your waist, giving it a snatched effect,” she explains. She suggests wearing a sweater or jacket that falls just below your hipbones.

Wear a textured, patterned, or shiny top.

If you can pull off a statement top, Katz believes it will bring attention to your upper half while also giving the illusion of length, which will balance out the pant’s width. “A belt worn over your shirt at the tiniest region of your waist can help provide the illusion of a higher silhouette,” she says.

Consider wearing a monotone power suit.

According to Rowe, menswear has long been considered a power look, and this is a fantastic way to include the wide-leg pants trend. “If you’re trying for the menswear look on the bottom, go all out and wear a matching suit jacket on top.”

Heels complete the look.

When standing, wide-leg jeans with a hemline that covers your heels will lengthen your leg. Furthermore, “heels will force you into decent posture and give you a subconscious confidence boost,” Rowe claims.

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