Three Menswear and Accessories Brands You Should Know

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. With our “Sustainable Menswear and Complements Wishlist,” we aim to commemorate paternity and paternal relationships, as well as the influence of fathers and no fathers in society. Man, make your statement!


Why Buy: Kaffeeform, a Berlin-based independent brand, collaborated with Lilienthal Berlin to create the world’s first bio-based watch casing constructed from recycled coffee grounds and other sustainable plant-based resources.

The Coffee Watch line is a tribute to the power of simplicity, with a minimalist palette offset by the bold yet subtle individuality of its case. Kaffeeform coffee material is wrapped around a steel core to create a 42.5mm casing with lugs hidden on the reverse. A fast corrector on the caseback adjusts the Ronda R756 movement inside the symmetrical crownless design.

What we like: The COFFEE WATCH is available from Kaffeeform in five different configurations with adjustable cellulose-based vegan leather straps.

You’re reminded to make time for what counts, to be present in the moment, and to truly enjoy the simple rituals of everyday life when you wear the COFFEE WATCH on your wrist.

Since 2015, Kaffeeform has believed that acting responsibly has power, and has given resources intended for the garbage a second life by transforming them into beautiful, high-quality, long-lasting everyday products — an encouragement to live and consume more mindfully.


Why buy: The HACOY Dual Shirt is made from 100 percent local linen adjacent to the production facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s lightweight and comfy to wear. The sophisticated design is ideal for both ordinary office life and after-work beverages. The shirt is not only popular among men, but also among women, thanks to the unisex design of HACOY clothes.

HACOY designs clothes that keeps you comfortable at all times without sacrificing quality or design. The new fashion label places a premium on sustainability and ethics. The transparency part of their website has more information about their strategy.

What we like: The basic white shirt has been modernised. You’ll get the attention you deserve when this fresh yet light pink colour is combined with it. The shift in working surroundings for business people was the motivation for the apparel.

The ethical fashion brand was founded on the idea of working from home or remotely in comfortable yet attractive apparel. HACOY is a promising new brand in the premium fashion sector because of its timeless designs, plastic-free packaging, and sustainable materials.


Why should you buy: Santa Lupita, a sustainable and ethical fashion brand founded in 2014 by German-Mexican Jorge Acevedo, offers traditional Mexican clothes created by over 130 artisans from rural Mexico. The fabrics, which are woven on traditional wooden looms, are produced entirely of natural, organic, or recycled fibres such as wool, cotton, or linen, and are coloured exclusively with natural materials.

Instead of a large factory, the materials are hand-sewn and embroidered in the homes of the craftswomen. This gives them a stable income that allows them to assist their communities without having to leave their families. Santa Lupita can ensure proper pay and fair working conditions in all aspects of manufacturing and sourcing thanks to their transparent production method.

What we like: Their newest collection, “The Healers,” is inspired by the desire for conscious balance and is a tribute to a mindful existence. The vibrant and timeless designs symbolise a century of Mexican tradition that has been passed down through many generations. The smooth, undyed, and traditionally handwoven fabric of “The Organic Summer Shirt” is produced entirely of organic cotton and includes no plastics or dangerous chemicals.

The collection comprises gorgeous dresses, tops, and accessories for ladies and children, in addition to the bright but minimalistic shirts and shorts for men. Each one-of-a-kind piece has a narrative to tell about heritage, workmanship, and awareness. During the brand’s brief pop-ups in Hamburg (10-13 May), Munich (19-21 May), and Cologne (19-21 May), meet the founder (09.-11.06.)

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