Top 3 fashionable and environmentally friendly fashion accessories

Looking for a way to look hip while also being environmentally conscious? As this selection demonstrates, sustainability is on-trend these days, from Dior’s upcycled beachwear collection to Loewe’s sustainable manufacturing and donations to a bird protection NGO, while Tod’s newest men’s Tabs trainers at least nod at a utopian Italian vision of our relationship with nature through design and aesthetics.
Here are three of the most recent accessories that attempt to bring nature and fashion together.

  1. Dior

It sometimes appears as if the entire fashion business has decided to embrace its green side at the same time. Dior’s new Beachwear capsule collection, which is a cooperation with environmental NGO Parley for the Oceans and explores creative sustainable materials, is the latest example. Dior’s artisans created a jacquard, a mesh knit, and a technical canvas out of Parley Ocean Plastic, which is upcycled from plastic garbage and fishing gear retrieved from the oceans and beaches.

The collection, which was created by Dior’s artistic director of menswear Kim Jones, includes a thick T-shirt, a polo shirt, a sweater, and even a pair of folding jackets, as well as the B23 sneakers, which contain bio-based plastic bottoms.

The collection is part of the new Parley X10 program, which intercepts and reuses or processes 10 times the carbon and plastic footprint of each product rather than discarding it.

  1. Loewe

The Eye/Loewe/Nature spring/summer 2022 collection is here, and it’s brilliant. It’s the second edition of the outdoor glam collection, a zeitgeisty swerve into the usage of sustainable materials, upcycling, and the like that was debuted for autumn/winter 2021, and it’s filled with neon colors, patchwork patterns, and really loose silhouettes.

It was designed by Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson and includes salvaged materials such as parachutes, tents, Loewe T-shirts from previous seasons, and deadstock denim – even the buttons are sustainable, and the leather was created using a low-impact tanning method.

These materials are used to produce a parka, a parachute blouson and pants, a fleece anorak, a windbreaker, and Bermuda shorts, among other outdoor essentials.

For every item sold, the business will donate 15 euros (US$15) to A Casa for Birds, a project of the NGO Fundación Global Nature that strives to safeguard endangered bird species from extinction.

  1. Tod’s

Tod’s has created a new range of men’s Tabs trainers, following up on its spring/summer 2022 collection.

Expert workmanship and elegance combine in famous footwear that features a clean and simple design contrasted with colorful and highly saturated colors like dark blue, mustard yellows, and vivid accents of red, inspired by an Italian idyll in nature.

The Gommino stones on the heel counter, as well as the side-stamped house logo, are a constant on all the new models, regardless of color palette or material. Tod’s trainers are a classic and timeless choice for all outdoor enthusiasts, with a soft suede fabric upper body and a rubber sole for maximum comfort.

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