Top 5 springtime jewelry inspired by nature

Nature is renewed for another four seasons when spring arrives. Sprouts erupt from the ground, trees’ leaves begin to develop, and flowers of all shapes and sizes bloom profusely. As we orbit the sun, not only does wildlife on Earth flourish, but we’re also met with new constellations from another part of space.
Natural phenomena have inspired these jewelry brands, which have captured these magical moments and immortalized them in beautiful pieces of art. More subtle allusions to nature may be found in Chanel’s camellia asymmetric earrings and Chaumet’s berry brooch. Boucheron’s holographic peony will enchant everyone if you want to make a bigger impression.

Royals such as Queen Elizabeth and Queen Sonja of Norway favor nature-inspired jewelry.

STYLE’s top recommendations for high jewelry that takes us closer to nature – and is even suited for a queen – are listed below.

1. Chanel

Inspired by camellia flowers, these asymmetrical earrings from Chanel’s Camélia Vénitien line reproduce their elegance in yellow gold, diamonds, and rock crystals. Price available upon request.

2. Boucheron

The peony is reinterpreted with a holographic coating on this Chromatique brooch from the Holographique collection, softly cradling a tourmaline between its petals. Price available upon request.

3. Chaumet

The Chant du Printemps brooch is inspired by Japanese cloisonné enamel work and has a branch blooming with ruby and rhodolite garnet blooms contrasted with onyx and diamonds. Price available upon request.

4. Van Cleef & Arpels

The Astre rose ring is centered on a pink sapphire heart surrounded by delicate blue sapphire petals, like the endless and ethereal flowering of some faraway galaxy, and it combines the stars above with earthy nature. Price available upon request

5. Graff

Graff’s Tribal line is inspired by an ancient legend about a girl who created the stars, and this necklace will glitter like the stars themselves, with 418 carats of emeralds and 76 carats of diamonds. Price available upon request.

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