A Guide To Jump On The Techwear Trend

Over the last few years, techwear clothing has exploded in popularity, and it continues to grow in significance in the fashion business.

Initially somewhat of a niche trend, prominent businesses are increasingly embracing the genre with their own interpretations.

The appeal of techwear, which combines utility and comfort, is plain to see. The simplistic design of Techwear makes it simple to get started, regardless of your budget.

This post will give you a quick rundown of the fundamentals to help you get started. It’s time to upgrade your technology!

What Exactly Is Techwear?

As a fashion trend, techwear mixes beauty, functionality, and comfort. It places a premium on freedom of mobility, breathability, and water resistance.

Its origins can be traced back to military utilitarianism. Many stylish clothes still have a martial bent, but they have evolved to include a cyberpunk, or “urban ninja” appearance.

Bright colours and visible branding are avoided in techwear. High-quality materials are frequently used in outfits to maximise comfort, usefulness, and create a cool silhouette that emphasises manly traits.

The materials used by the most popular techwear brands are lightweight, robust, and water-resistant. Jacket slings and hook attachment slots are among the solutions available to improve utility.

Acronym is one of the most well-known and well-known “techwear” brands. It’s been a major driver of the techwear genre’s expanding popularity, generating legions of fans and imitators.

Guerilla Group, Nike ACG, Arc’teryx Veilance, and Stone Island Shadow Project are among the numerous additional companies and offshoots in the category.

Even large labels like Uniqlo and H&M are dipping their toes in the look.

Why Should You Try Techwear?

Techwear clothing has a strong appeal: it may make your life easier while also looking nice.

If you want your garments to be durable, high-quality, and multifunctional, techwear is a fantastic choice.

Techwear is all about functionality. Techwear can theoretically be defined as any piece of apparel that emphasises usefulness, versatility, and comfort.

Many of the most popular “techwear” fashion brands don’t even call their clothes “techwear.” Outdoor businesses like IceBreaker and Outlier are among them.

What Makes Techwear So Expensive? Convenience Has A Price

It’s easy to get enthusiastic about the concept of getting into techwear, but the $500+ price tags on pieces created by top tech firms like Acronym and Guerilla Group may easily ruin your ambitions of being an urban ninja.

Why is the pricing so high? It is the purpose of the materials, not their quality.

The practical and pleasant answer to the problem of getting wet is a key feature of techwear.

Gore-Tex is the foundation of modern technical clothing and the cutting-edge standard for water repellency. It is synonymous with many of the greatest brands.

It repels liquid water while allowing water vapour (sweat) to pass through. This fabric is ideal for outerwear because it is lightweight and waterproof.

A high price tag comes with brand awareness. Patagonia and The North Face, two significant competitors to Gore-tex, offer less expensive waterproofing solutions.

New technology also entails advancements in synthetic materials that can have qualities other than water repellency. This can include attributes like great durability, odour resistance, and reflectiveness, as well as a premium price tag.

The Everyman’s Techwear

Techwear does not have to be prohibitively expensive.

If your primary goal is fashion rather than usefulness, embracing simplicity and minimalism can save you money.

Look for pieces that are form-fitting and designed to move freely. An H&M jumper can be used as an outer techwear piece while also looking attractive.

With some select tailoring of the waist and ankle, some simple Carhartt working slacks or military fatigues can easily be transformed to the techwear style.

It’s not always easy to find a low-cost item that looks beautiful, is functional, comfortable, and mobile. Decide which features or designs are most important to you and which you can live without.

What Should You Look For When Buying Techwear?

Although techwear may appear intimidating at first, it is simple to play with and try on individual parts.

Many pieces have neutral colours that go with most other outfits, and the quality of the materials and functionality of the piece make it a desirable addition to any wardrobe.

Despite the fact that most people connect techwear with darker, muted colours, numerous businesses sell individual pieces in a variety of colours and patterns.

In certain of their items, Arc’teryx Veilance and Acronym have strayed from the typical black/grey jackets in favour of brighter hues.

To stay both practical and fashionable, consider pieces with a slender, sleek silhouette. Because parts can become fairly technical, it’s best to keep things basic at first.

As your knowledge of techwear grows, you can play around with extras like straps and buckles to change up your aesthetic.

Faux-masks, hoods, and draping pieces can help you look like a mysterious dark-hero.

If that’s not your thing, add some colour to your outfit with a colourful outerwear piece. Suddenly, the look is more fashionable while still being a little sci-fi.

Drake is dressed in fatigues and a purple hardshell jacket.

Experiment with the aesthetic, but keep in mind that some appearances are more difficult to achieve.

Start with outerwear if you’re just getting your feet wet with the style (hardshells and pants).

You may effortlessly combine your existing clothing with a pair or two of techwear pants. During inclement weather, a nice techwear hardshell jacket will come in helpful.

These are the most typical components that will assist you in achieving the techwear aesthetic.

Let’s get our techwear outfit underway now that we’ve covered the basics!

How to Begin Your Career in Techwear

Any fashion style can be dismantled into its constituent parts. Techwear is no exception.

While the genre is centred on functionality, the design style can be summarised in technical levels.

By technical, we mean a more angular, industrial design aesthetic. Something you’d expect to see on the side of a building rather than the back of a person.

A techwear outfir’s layers give it depth and dimension. With the correct pieces piled on top, even the most basic clothing can be quickly and simply converted into an outstanding techwear appearance.

Hardshells and Softshells on the Outerlater

The first line of defence against the elements is this.

Jackets should be one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about techwear.

A hardshell jacket (typically a windproof jacket that also provides water resistance) and a softshell jacket are the two types available (something like a cotton running jacket that provides more comfort but less protection).

When contrasted to a Uniqlo softshell, the Acronym hardshell (left) has the typical techwear style (right).

Both can be worn with a tech outfit.

Jackets: Hardshell vs. Softshell

Hardshells are waterproof and windproof and provide the highest weather protection.

They are recommended for snowy or rainy weather. They may have a removable lining for cold weather, but if they don’t, they can simply be matched with a light down jacket.

Winter sports jackets are similar to softshells.

A waterproof coating is applied to good softshells to repel water, such as snow and rain. They’re more comfy than hardshells and provide more movement flexibility.

They do not, however, provide the same level of weather protection as hardshells.

Remember that a jacket should keep the person dry on the outside while also allowing them to retain a suitable inside temperature. This is why breathable materials like Gore-tex are so popular in technical clothing.

When it gets too hot, a trendy techwear style is to include straps so the jacket may be worn as a ruck.

On a man’s back, the Nike ACG 3-in-1 System is demonstrated.

Straps can be useful in various situations.

A Cut Above The Competition

We’d like to point out one feature of high-quality techwear clothing. The “cut.”

A normal piece is sometimes distinguished from a “techwear” item by its cut.

Techwear creates clothing that moves like the human body.

Articulated joints in the inner elbow are one example in outerwear. This allows the wearer to move freely while also preventing fraying or pulling of the fabric at vital spots.

In promotional advertisements, Acronym frequently displays its mobility.

Many Acronym pieces have a wide range of motion while keeping a high level of craftsmanship.

Insulation is the middle layer.

This layer adds an extra layer to the outerlayer and is optional. It keeps you warm in cold weather, but it can also be used for other purposes. A vest, for example, could increase carry capacity.

Mid-layers or liners that may be removed and replaced with shells may be seen on techwear parts.

This is typically accomplished via a zipper or buttoning mechanism. You can add your own if this isn’t included in the piece (just make sure the outerlayer is large enough to accommodate it).

A cotton hoodie or a down vest are two popular middle layers in techwear.

Due to its small weight, fair price, and versatility, Uniqlo’s ultra-light down jacket is a wonderful layer to add to any tech outfit.

Uniqlo ultra light down jacket on male model

Due to its lightweight, low price, and versatility, Uniqlo’s ultra light down jacket is a terrific middle layer for any techwear ensemble.

Shirt, Pants, and Shoes: Primay (Base) Layer

This is your shirt, pants, and shoes, which are the foundation of every ensemble.

With the techwear design, any neutral shirt will look great. Choose parts that are more utilitarian if you want it to be more visibly techwear.

Merino wool shirts drain moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry in the rain or perspiration. Uniqlo’s Airism line is a less expensive alternative with similar qualities.

Cashmere is ideal for the cooler months. If you don’t have the budget, Uniqlo’s Heattech apparel is a great low-cost option. It is both lightweight and warm.

Heattech from Uniqlo is an excellent example of functional apparel. It’s comfortable to wear and keeps you warm. The pricing is also difficult to beat.

Look for breathable apparel in hotter climates.

Simply said, breathability allows heat and sweat to escape so that the wearer does not become overheated. In warmer temperatures, this is critical.

Uniqlo’s Airism range is ideal for the base layer, but any sports clothing brand can provide equivalent functionality. Consider the sportswear brands Nike and Adidas.

Simply select designs or styles that complement your ensemble.

All About Those Pockets in Techwear Pants!

For techwear pants, cargo pants are the ideal alternative. Multiple pockets are a fantastic feature that serious techwear enthusiasts demand.

Multiple devices are frequently stored and accommodated in techwear pants. Simple zipped pockets or more elaborate alternatives, such as removable modular attachments similar to those used by the military, are available.

The best pants will repel water, keeping you dry even in the wettest weather. They may also provide extra stretch, breathability, and/or carrying capacity.

You may carry more without worrying since waterproof textiles are combined with a well-designed carrying capacity.

However, “the cut” is typically what distinguishes fantastic from meh.

On the left, some “standard” cargo pants. You may have seen something similar in high school or at urban outfitters. On the right are some Techwear pants. The ankle taper gives them a more military, streamlined appearance.

Cargo pants designed for techwear have a unique style and features that make an outfit stand out.

You may recycle existing cargo trousers by having them tailored at the ankle and waste for a more techwear look on a budget by having them tailored.

Consider pants with unnecessary straps or belts built in for the urban ninjas among you (or have them tailored on). Even if the extra straps, hooks, and pockets serve no purpose, the design is futuristic.

Make Your Techwear Shoes Look Twice

Finally, the shoes can make the difference between an average ensemble and one that stands out.

The best shoes for utility should be water resistant.

Gore-tex is a common choice for water-resistant footwear. Outdoor businesses have a lot of nice possibilities, and you can even utilise standard-issue military boots to match the look.

These will not, however, make your clothing stand out.

To take things a step further, seek for sneakers designed specifically for the techwear market.

Innovative, forward-thinking designs are being pushed by brands like Nike and adidas. They’ve designed footwear and boots that are both useful and outdoor-friendly while also looking beautiful. With their distinctive styles, the adidas Y-3 brand makes a strong impression.

Two instances of big statements in techwear ensembles are Acronym/Nike Presto’s (left) and Adidas Y-3 (right). The Prestos were chosen for their vibrant colours, while the Y-3s were chosen for their unusual design.

You may now find everything you need, from knit materials to waterproof sock lines and water-resistant materials.

A pair of black AF1s or Adidas would suffice if you only care about the beauty and not the functionality.

Remember, if you want your look to stand out, go for something more daring.

Because a techwear suit usually consists of dark, neutral colours, you can utilise more colour in your shoes. Acronym Presto’s are some fantastic examples of this.

Other Techwear Accessories

There’s more, though!

Techwear accessories such as backpacks and chest rigs can be used to carry your daily items (like the one earlier in this post). These can complete your techwear ensemble and look pretty great.

J1A-GTKP ‘Death Stranding’ Bridges Variant ACRONYM

Getting ready to deliver

Smartphones, tablets, and computers may all be stored in compartments in the bags. Designers of accessory and techwear bags place a premium on durability and usability.

Compact laptop bags, messenger packs, and military rucksacks are among less expensive possibilities.

White Japanese Kanji Backpack worn by a man

The Best Clothes for a Dystopian Future

Blade Runner 2049 stars Ryan Gosling.

It’s worth remembering the seasons when it comes to techwear.

Because of its several layers, techwear is perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

The look was inspired by practical gear for cold and wet weather. It also draws on science fiction, with many of the stories taking place in a dark dystopian future.

However, because techwear is useful, you can easily modify it to any season.

In the summer or in warmer climates, techwear can be worn. Simply take off the outer and inner layers to reveal some practical shorts.

Although you may not be as daring as a “urban Ninja,” you still follow the basic principles of techwear: practicality, function, and comfort.

Dark grey shirt, techwear shorts, and sneakers on a man

Sticking to neutrals and muted hues in the spring is a good idea. Instead, go for a Yohji Yamamoto-style dress that accentuates the silhouette.

Live The Future With Techwear

Three men dressed in complete black techwear

Bring out your inner urban ninja.

Techwear is a fantastic subgenre that is growing in popularity with each passing year. It’ll only be a matter of time until it loses its own identity and becomes more widely recognised as normal metropolitan fashion.

So now is the greatest moment to be ahead of the game and live out your favourite science fiction adventure.

Are you ready to put on your first techwear ensemble? We want to see your most incredible techwear ensembles! Comment below with some of your favourite styles and companies.

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