Rescue chameleon who lost his colors turns the brightest green when he’s adopted

Every living creature is worth saving.
We often read or hear stories about rescuing dogs, cats, horses, and the like. All these always give us this warm feeling of hope and kindness.

But there are also rare rescue stories, especially that of an animal we barely heard of getting rescued. One of these species is reptiles since not all people would want to care for them, nor do people keep them as pets.

However, they are still worth rescuing no matter what. There’s an added challenge of taking care of a sick reptile and finding them a new home. But once they get adopted, everything is worth it.

BeWild Reptile Rescue got a hold of this chameleon who didn’t look like he would survive.
They received Johannes in such a bad shape. He was obviously sick, judging by his color and limping. His tongue was also sore and black.

Healthy chameleons often show off bright colors, such as green and red. However, black or dark colors indicate stress and illness, and these were Johannes’ colors when he was rescued.

He was very stressed in the beginning.
Chameleons aren’t “people animals,” and they prefer to be left alone most of the time. Unfortunately for him, he had to be held by humans most of the time so he could recover right away.

Johannes was stressed whenever they gave him his medications and fed him. He would express so with his colors turning darker, and he moved a lot like he wasn’t okay with what they were doing to him.

Once he was well enough, they gave him his own space.
They made a temporary tank for him and added some elements of what his natural habitat should be so that he would start getting used to it. There was a tree branch with leaves, so he could also practice moving around despite the limp.

But what Johannes loved the most in his temporary home was the bowl of crickets. Of course, who wouldn’t love food! He would move in by inch with his limp to get and munch on his yummy treat.

Through time, Johannes grew healthier and turned a brighter green.
The rescue organization was looking for someone to adopt him and would give him the right home. They said there were a lot of people who came forward and showed interest in adopting him, but there was one person that stuck with them the most: Crystal.

Crystal fell in love with Johannes when she saw his photo from when he was rescued. She was also the one who the rescuers thought could give him proper care. They handed him over to his new home.

Crystal and Dan had a mesh chameleon cage with more branches and leaves.

He turned brighter and brighter as he settled in. He was also very curious about his new environment but showed no sign of depression or stress. If anything, his bright green colors were a telling sign that he had found his forever home.

Check out a sweet video about Johannes’ rescue below!
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